Arrive in Canada

Jan. 10th, it was such a long day. Because of a time difference, feels like wake up in Jan. 11 but it is actually Jan. 10 morning. So weird.

My first impression of Canada is like the US, everything is huge and people are frank here. Nice feeling. I’m looking forward to see the difference between Boston and Vancouver. Both cites are similar to international city in the world in common.
Taking Narita Express(N’EX) from Shinjuku to Narita Int’l Airport.
Narita International Airpot.
When I checked in, the machine asked me “You wanna care about the earth’s environment?” It means you can use a electronic boarding pass which displayed on the cell phone. Of course I choose it, but it was a trap. In reality, NO staff much knew about this system so wherever I show my displayed boarding pass everybody had a dubious expression. I’m so tired. I will never care for the environment.
In the cabin. Lights turn many colors.
Beef or Chicken? Beef! An in‐flight meal tastes so nice.
Land in Vancouver.
I think it’s cool and modern.
Huge people at immigration check.
Smells like the US.
Going to the city by Canada Line.
Broad roads.
Taking a bus to UBC. I asked him how I can pay but he let me in the bus with no charge. Thanks. Maybe just troublesome. Some passengers care about my obstacle luggage and help me.
Taking a ELI placement test alone. I was late arrival here. I had listening, interview, reading and writing tests. It was not too difficult, but I can’t concentrate enough because of physical fatigue of a long flight. So tired.
Such a nice building.
After finishing the tests, my host family come to pick me up. The family is so nice and room too. I hope I could find something special here.

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